WITNESS Horizon is a desktop software studio for fast, productive development of predictive digital twin models and simulation applications.

The preferred tool of professional simulation modellers, WITNESS Horizon supports strategic business planning and decision making through dynamic data visualisation and the freedom to evaluate business decisions in a risk free virtual environment.

Capable of modelling every business process from customer service policies to complex supply chains, WITNESS Horizon delivers the foresight of future state performance data that accounts for real world variability and the effects of feedback. Simulated outcomes can be analysed, options compared, issues resolved and resource levels optimised to future proof your business decisions before any real world commitments are made.


WITNESS' latest release, code named Horizon, is the perfect development studio for the creation of predictive digital twins of your operational and business processes.

Predictive simulation enables smarter business models through digital twins that facilitate better understanding of complex dynamic processes, improved business data visualisation and insight. This level of management understanding is critical when considering radical transformation options which can incur major business risk.

Predictive digital twins enable business scenarios to be simulated and outcomes analysed and compared before deciding on the best course of action. Having secured decision clarity in a virtual world, optimum decisions can then be passed for real-world execution.